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Dermatitis/Eczema Again?

Well, Damian has been developing a worsening dermatitis looking rash again and while he was exposed to dairy due to my own mistakes, this seems unusual. It does not seem to be getting better, but rather worse lately. I have scoured his diet and can find nothing else that would be causing this unless, as I thought once before, he is reacting to a food dye or sulfite.

He feel likes a piece of sandpaper, but he isn’t complaining of any itchiness. His skin is red and irritated though. So Detective Mommy is on the job again, keeping watch on anything familiar that may be making him flare up. He started complaining of stuffiness and has that allergic cough again too! I just hope i can find what is causing this before it gets too much worse.

He has been pretty miserable lately too in terms of behavior. He can barely focus and seems to be bouncing more often than not. After long-term MAJOR exposure he gets this way with dairy, but i don’t know if anything else would do it. I would hardly call my Parmesan cheese accident “long term, MAJOR exposure”, right?

So, this is what I am up to and the reason I have not posted recently. I do have some more reviews for everyone, but I am really trying to get a handle on this allergy first!


8 Responses

  1. Just a few thoughts, having been down this road many times myself. It is spring and I have found that environmental allergies can cause rashes too. Do you know if he has any plant/pollen allergies? Also, this is just a random unfounded thought and God knows I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but when behavior is affected there seem to be THREE main culprits. One is dairy which you have already eliminated, the other two are gluten and sugar. I don’t even know if the sugar is an allergy or just a stimulus so it may not show up on allergy tests. Best o luck to you, I hope he feels better soon. Oh wait, another thing, try slathering him in a really heavy lotion (we actually use Aquapore which is a petrolem) after his baths and have him stay in the tub for a good long time first, until he’s pruney.

  2. That was best of luck not best o luck…I’m not Irish 🙂

  3. My 2 1/2 year old developed stuffiness and that allergic cough too. Turns out he is allergic to tree pollen, grass, ragweed, dog and mold. He is on a nebulizer for the summer b/c his breathing is kind of icky, and Claritin for the allergies. It all seems to be working. It might be worth checking out. Good Luck!

  4. Did you ever figure out what was causing the rash? Now Emily has it! It’s going on a week now. Red bumpy sandpaperish skin covering her arms and legs and a few welty looking spots on her neck and back. I think I’ve ruled out food. It’s got to be pollen or something, right? I don’t even know what her environmental allergies are. ughhhhh!

  5. I didn’t figure it out. He still has it and I have pretty much ruled out food as well. I do think it is environmental as Damian does have issues with pollen.

  6. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Diffractive!!!

  7. Hey, I just wanted to let you (and anyone else interested) know that I got Emily’s skin under control. I’m following the regimen we used when she was a baby and covered in what I called red elephant skin. Here’s what’s working for us…
    A luke warm bath every day (2 a day is even better), soaking for half an hour. When she gets out I cover her whole body (except face) in prescription triamcinalone ointment and rub it in really well, then a coat of aquaphore over that everywhere including her face. I also started her on 10 mg per day of Zyrtec.
    It’s been 3 days now and the redness and flaking is gone, the skin is still a little thick and rough feeling, but I think we are getting there. 🙂

  8. Oh I forgot, im also giving her flax and borage oil. Since I’m throwing it all at her at once I don’t really know which ones are most important.

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