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Mashed Potatoes

I have a question. Does anyone here have a good recipe for Mashed Potatoes? I usually make them with soy milk and plenty of butter. However, with my husband needing to have foods with less butter/margarine/fat, I have found that my mashed potatoes are terrible! I don’t think broth would be great for a limited cholesterol diet, right? But when I use soy milk and half a stick of butter they are dry as can be. Almost ashy dry! This has always been a problem when i cook with soy milk. For whatver reason, soy milk is just dry? But I always compensated with butter. Now what can I do?


My BIG mistake.

Everybody makes mistakes. Right? I mean, it isn’t always intuitive, dealing with food allergies. This is what I have been telling myself since my mistake Saturday night.

My husband went into the hospital Thursday night with what we thought was a heart attack. It wasn’t, but he does need to watch his cholesterol. So I have been adjusting my cooking to accommodate his new diet. He and Damian really enjoy catfish but they usually like it fried. Since fried foods aren’t even close to healthy, I decided to bake it.

I breaded it first with a mixture of bread crumbs, parsley, oregano, basil, black pepper and Parmesan cheese. Yes. I said Parmesan cheese. I don’t know where my head was! The worst part about this? I didn’t even recognize my mistake until Damian had eaten half of his tainted food.

Ten minutes later the hives appeared and he began to itch. Then came the BM problems which have by now gone away, leaving a nasty case of eczema in it’s wake. And I feel terrible!I can’t believe I messed up like that! Parmesan cheese is one of the few dairy products I keep in the house. Of course it is because I cannot survive without my parm cheese but suddenly I feel like having it here is a mistake. I still can’t belive i screwed up like that!

A Mothers Day Challenge!

Some people are car junkies. They will come home with the sorriest looking piece of junk, it doesn’t run, and swear they will fix it up. Two years later it will still be in your garage, either completely restored and for sale, or in the same shape it was in when it was brought home.

I am an appliance junkie. I love kitchen appliances. Some of you may be wondering, “What does this have to do with food allergies?” It has a lot to do with food allergies! I bake a lot because my son is allergic to dairy! I also make a lot of my mixes from scratch! It is so much nicer to do these things with the proper equipment! Don’t you agree? I hope after you read this you will take a moment to comment and tell me what you wish you had in your kitchen!

My dream appliance (nope, I don’t have it in my kitchen) is the KitchenAid Artisan Series 5 Quart 325 Watt Stand Mixer Model no. KSM150PSWH. This thing can do everything and it sure is pretty! But here’s the thing. I can’t convince my husband that he should buy it for me for Mothers Day! How did he convince me that that piece of crap in the garage was an antique? Guess I am just gullible! Well, back to my original point, The KitchenAid Artisan Mixer has so many attachments, it is almost ridiculous! There are sausage stuffers, can openers, ice cream makers etcetera etcetera! All of these things can be attached to this mixer! I get warm fuzzies just thinking about making dairy free pizza crust and still having use of my arm afterwards! But alas, I am not an argumentative person, and cannot convince my wonderful husband to buy it!

So I have decided to try something out! I want to do a challenge for all my readers! The winner will receive one box of Enjoy Life Snack Bars! These snack bars are delicious and wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish and shellfish free! They are made in a dedicated gluten/nut free factory as well! The challenge is to convince my husband to get me this mixer for Mothers Day! I know what your thinking…..”What if he just isn’t convinced?” That’s ok. But the person who can send me the best argument, which I will be sharing with my husband, will win. IF my husband DOES find your argument convincing, and DOES buy me this mixer, I will toss I an extra package of Enjoy Life Snack Bars! Winners will be announced on May 15th here on the site, so please check back for the results! The only “fine print” stipulation here is that I must receive more than 5 responses! You can email your quality response to me at bella214@cox.net but please toss a comment in on this site so others can see what the response count is! The deadline is May 10th and all arguments should be made as if you were talking to my husband! His name is Chris! Also keep in mind, that this mixer CAN be purchased for 150.00 – 199.00, so it isn’t only price that he needs convincing on!

Try this! Road’s End 123 Macaroni and Chreese

I always hesitate to try anything that is supposed to be imitate Macaroni and Cheese, be free of allergens and taste good. A friend gave us this to try and we aren’t sorry we did. Road’s End 123 Macaroni and Chreese is vegan, certified organic and free of dairy, casein, eggs, and nuts. They also make Gluten and wheat free versions.

It comes boxed much the same way Kraft does. It has the package of powered “chreese” and then the noodles. The noodles are mini numbers, shaped perfectly. They do not lose their shape or turn to mush when you cook them either! Damian enjoyed being able to play number games while he ate. The box is also recyclable, which my little EPA man thought was awesome!

The instructions say you should combine milk or milk substitute with the “chreese” then pour it into the pot and stir while it heats, then add the boiled noodles. The “chreese” tends to be pasty, but it does not smell bad, as a lot of them do. It also didn’t seem to have much flavor. It didn’t taste bad, it just didn’t taste like anything. Adding a little seasoning solved that problem though and while I probably wouldn’t make a habit of eating this, my son LOVES it! It is also great when you add chopped broccoli and/or ham!

Overall, I would say that while this wasn’t full of flavor, it did not smell bad or taste bad so it makes the “Book of Brags” for us! In fact, I think I will make the Road’s End Alfredo style Macaroni & Chreese with broccoli now! My son loves this stuff! For information about Road’s End products, visit Road’s End Organics Website. This product may also be available at Navan Foods, when the store opens in Virginia Beach in May.