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I’m back!

I am back! I know I haven’t posted in a while but with the end of school and stuff I have been so busy! I have quite a few reviews to post within the next few weeks! You should see them soon! I just wanted to stop in and tell everyone I haven’t forgotten!


Dermatitis/Eczema Again?

Well, Damian has been developing a worsening dermatitis looking rash again and while he was exposed to dairy due to my own mistakes, this seems unusual. It does not seem to be getting better, but rather worse lately. I have scoured his diet and can find nothing else that would be causing this unless, as I thought once before, he is reacting to a food dye or sulfite.

He feel likes a piece of sandpaper, but he isn’t complaining of any itchiness. His skin is red and irritated though. So Detective Mommy is on the job again, keeping watch on anything familiar that may be making him flare up. He started complaining of stuffiness and has that allergic cough again too! I just hope i can find what is causing this before it gets too much worse.

He has been pretty miserable lately too in terms of behavior. He can barely focus and seems to be bouncing more often than not. After long-term MAJOR exposure he gets this way with dairy, but i don’t know if anything else would do it. I would hardly call my Parmesan cheese accident “long term, MAJOR exposure”, right?

So, this is what I am up to and the reason I have not posted recently. I do have some more reviews for everyone, but I am really trying to get a handle on this allergy first!

Mashed Potatoes

I have a question. Does anyone here have a good recipe for Mashed Potatoes? I usually make them with soy milk and plenty of butter. However, with my husband needing to have foods with less butter/margarine/fat, I have found that my mashed potatoes are terrible! I don’t think broth would be great for a limited cholesterol diet, right? But when I use soy milk and half a stick of butter they are dry as can be. Almost ashy dry! This has always been a problem when i cook with soy milk. For whatver reason, soy milk is just dry? But I always compensated with butter. Now what can I do?

My BIG mistake.

Everybody makes mistakes. Right? I mean, it isn’t always intuitive, dealing with food allergies. This is what I have been telling myself since my mistake Saturday night.

My husband went into the hospital Thursday night with what we thought was a heart attack. It wasn’t, but he does need to watch his cholesterol. So I have been adjusting my cooking to accommodate his new diet. He and Damian really enjoy catfish but they usually like it fried. Since fried foods aren’t even close to healthy, I decided to bake it.

I breaded it first with a mixture of bread crumbs, parsley, oregano, basil, black pepper and Parmesan cheese. Yes. I said Parmesan cheese. I don’t know where my head was! The worst part about this? I didn’t even recognize my mistake until Damian had eaten half of his tainted food.

Ten minutes later the hives appeared and he began to itch. Then came the BM problems which have by now gone away, leaving a nasty case of eczema in it’s wake. And I feel terrible!I can’t believe I messed up like that! Parmesan cheese is one of the few dairy products I keep in the house. Of course it is because I cannot survive without my parm cheese but suddenly I feel like having it here is a mistake. I still can’t belive i screwed up like that!

Mother’s Day Challenge Results!

Well everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day! Thank you to those who responded to my challenge! I only got 2 responses but I would like to send you both a coupon for Enjoy Life Foods. Please email me if you are interested so I can stick it in the mail for you. This is ONLY for those who responded to the mothers day challenge!

BTW, I did actually get my mixer! Not on account of your responses, but because I simply didn’t want anything else! I will post a pictures soon!

*NEWS* Enjoy Life Foods redesigns allergy symbol on labels!

Enjoy Life Foods is redesigning the familiar “Allergy-Free, Free of all common allergens” label on their products to read “Allergy Friendly, Free of the eight common allergens”. Their packaging will still direct consumers to read the side or back panels for more in depth detail about the ingredients.

A spokesperson at Enjoy Life says this is due to an innocent mistake made by a parent whose child had an anaphylactic reaction when misinterpreting the label stating “allergy free”. The company is also urging those with allergies to read labels vigilantly. They recognize that while many experienced food allergic families read everything, food allergies are becoming much more common and inexperienced families may find terms such as “Allergy Free” to be enough. They are hoping to encourage everyone to read the ingredient statements before assuming a product to be safe.

Enjoy Life Foods has also partnered with and FAAN for Food Allergy Awareness Week which is May 11- May 17.

Gina Clowes, founder of the popular blog offers the following advice to families dealing with food allergies.

  • Have an unbreakable rule: no label = no thank you. Never eat a food that does not have a label.

  • Always carefully read ingredient statements. Different versions of the same food can have different ingredients (for example, chewy Spree candy contains egg white while original Spree does not).

  • Know that different sizes of the same foods can contain different ingredients. (For example, some “mini” versions of Laffy Taffy do not contain egg, but the large size does contain egg.)

  • Don’t rely on common sense to determine if foods are safe. Tuna and flavored water can contain dairy, egg rolls and chili can contain peanut butter, licorice and soy sauce can contain wheat, and the list goes on.

  • Take all precautionary warnings seriously. Manufacturers use different statements to warn consumers like “may contain” or “processed in a facility with.” However, the language used does not indicate the level of risk.

  • Know that precautionary warnings are voluntary. If a product does not have a warning, it does not mean that the product is free of cross contamination. When in doubt, call the company to find out where and how the product was processed.

  • Don’t play ingredient roulette. Even if you or your child once ate a product with a warning, that does not mean the next batch will be safe.

  • Beware of hidden allergens. Potent allergens like sesame and mustard can hide behind the words “natural flavors” or “spices.”

  • Know where the food is made. Seek out products that say they are made in a “dedicated peanut-free, nut-free, soy-free or allergy-free facility,” depending on your diet restriction. This provides even further assurance of the food’s safety.

*NEWS* Navan Foods – The Allergy Free Food Store – Opening Saturday!

Attention Hampton Roads residents & visitors! Navan Foods, The Allergy Free Food Store, opens on Saturday, May 3rd at 10am! There is a 10% Grand opening discount on all purchases thru May 4th. It is located at 4312 Holland Road, Suite 115, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452.

I hope everyone will stop by and show their support for a one of a kind store that will make the lives of food allergic families through out Hampton Roads easier! Hope to see ya there!