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Dermatitis/Eczema Again?

Well, Damian has been developing a worsening dermatitis looking rash again and while he was exposed to dairy due to my own mistakes, this seems unusual. It does not seem to be getting better, but rather worse lately. I have scoured his diet and can find nothing else that would be causing this unless, as I thought once before, he is reacting to a food dye or sulfite.

He feel likes a piece of sandpaper, but he isn’t complaining of any itchiness. His skin is red and irritated though. So Detective Mommy is on the job again, keeping watch on anything familiar that may be making him flare up. He started complaining of stuffiness and has that allergic cough again too! I just hope i can find what is causing this before it gets too much worse.

He has been pretty miserable lately too in terms of behavior. He can barely focus and seems to be bouncing more often than not. After long-term MAJOR exposure he gets this way with dairy, but i don’t know if anything else would do it. I would hardly call my Parmesan cheese accident “long term, MAJOR exposure”, right?

So, this is what I am up to and the reason I have not posted recently. I do have some more reviews for everyone, but I am really trying to get a handle on this allergy first!


McDonald’s & Food Allergies – The Bottom Line

I have written 2 articles about McDonald’s and their sub-standard service for children with food allergies. Now I am updating after speaking personally with the owner of the restaurant in question.

After I received the letter from Corporate McDonald’s, I received a letter from the owner of the store itself. The letter stated that he apologized for the problematic service and that he was addressing the issue with the management of this store. He also sent me to certificates for free happy meals and left me his number to call if I had any further problems getting Damian’s food allergies acknowledged.

I have returned to that particular McDonald’s and I was allowed to get the apple pie even though they had apple dippers. I am happy to be able to say that while Corporate McDonald’s failed to address my concerns, the owner of that particular store did as he said he would, and I can feel safer taking him to that McDonald’s.

While this does not solve the entire problem with most fast food restaurants, it is a start. I am confident that with determination and perserverance, I can open more eyes as I battle my sons food allergies.

Food Allergies & Behavioral Problems

My son is a wonderful child. He is sweet, playful and affectionate. But if you give him dairy, he is a nightmare that hell itself could not compete with. His allergist says it is part of his allergic reaction. His doctor says behavioral issues are not related to allergies. His daddy says I am giving him an excuse to misbehave.

For every person who believes that allergies contribute to behavioral issues, there are at least two people who do not. Ironically, these very people get irritated when they don’t feel good, yet find it impossible that a child would act up in the same situation. I have met people who have food allergies who will tsk at me when I say behavioral problems is a very large portion of my sons reaction. Apparently, if they haven’t experienced it, it simply cannot be true.

Many parents of food allergic children can relate to the feelings this invokes in us. Guilt because we are so frustrated with our child for acting up. Anger because these people aren’t trying to understand and don’t have to deal with this. Embarrassment for some of us because our child is literally climbing the walls. Some of us even experience fear when our child has become dangerous to himself because he is so out of control. And as we are frantically trying to keep things under control, people are just standing by, whispering about discipline.

I am more in control of Damian’s allergy now, so “mistakes” are less common. Just the same, I have been there and I know how hard it is. I’ve learned to respond to nosy people without pummeling them with my shopping cart. I no longer try to explain that he had dairy, or whatever. I simply say “Boys will be boys” and smile. And it is the truth. There are times now when I wish I could blame my five year olds behavior on his food allergy!